Featuring a truly unique selection of hand crafted designs by Matt Buckley, Edge Sculptures offer a fantastic selection of designs, ranging from attention grabbing animal busts and figures, wonderful Venus, Cyberman and Spartan busts, to Venetian Carnival and Japanse Hannya masks, each offering a unique combination of form, light and texture, which can be displayed either as an individual piece or as part of a collection with an eclectic mix of themes.

Each piece within the collection is originally sculpted from clay, allowing the sculptor to be freer and thus giving the pieces that dynamic and organic feel, stylised by Edge Sculpture. The finished clay sculpt 'masters' are then taken to be moulded, and each subsequent piece is been carefully hand cast from this mould using ceramic polystone, allowing for a faithful reproduction of detail and texture applied to the original sculpt and the application of a hand painted finish which brings the sculpt to life and creates a centre piece worthy of any home. 

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