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Sealy Beds

It’s hard to believe that a multi-national brand such as Sealy originated in the small town of Sealy, Texas just outside of Houston, where a cotton gin builder and operator by the name of Daniel Haynes responded to a request from a neighbour and built a cotton-filled mattress in 1881.


The product was so favourably received that Daniel Haynes began receiving more and more requests from neighbours and relatives. Encouraged by the response, Haynes invented a machine that compressed cotton for use in mattresses and received a patent for his invention in 1889.


The acceptance for the product grew beyond the local area in Texas and began to be referred to by customers in other regions of the country as the "".

In 1906, Haynes sold all of his patents and know-how to a Texas Company that took the name of Sealy. It was in this timeframe that a young advertising executive named Earl Edwards launched Sealy on the road to national prominence.


Operating under licence from Sealy Incorporated in North Carolina, USA, Sealy UK now employs around 330 people whom can make a staggering 3,500 mattresses a week from its 160,000 square foot factory.


To keep itself at the forefront of bed design and technology Sealy invests more time and money on product development than any other bed manufacturer, utilising state-of-the-art facilities at the world’s largest and most advanced research and development centre and bed testing laboratory in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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