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Fitted Kitchens

Marpatt Fitted Kitchens Doors

at Gordon Busbridge

As with Gordon Busbridge, Marpatt Fitted Kitchens is a family owned and run company with over 30 years in the business of supplying the very best in innovative kitchen doors and component design to the fitted kitchen industry.

Within the following sections you will find just a few examples of their wonderful range of kitchen door styles, finishes and accessories that demonstrate why we at Gordon Busbridge are proud to promote and supply their quality products.

For an even fuller insight into what we and Marpatt have to offer, why not pay us a visit today and talk to our experienced and knowledgeable, dedicated fitted kitchen sales team.


These kitchens doors have been built with passion and acute attention to detail using the finest materials available, all sourced from sustainable forests.

Beautiful kitchen doors with a full range of practical and innovative accessories, including curved doors and palistars enabling a unique personalisation for you and your kitchen.

Seamlessly combining crisp clean lines, a wonderful fresh selection of colours and finishes, with sophisticated design flair and detailing to create the perfect look for the modern home.

As implied by its name, within the Bespoke In-frame collection every kitchen door will be unique and tailored to your exact individual requirements.

These wonderful beaded doors are a quintessential cornerstone of British design, available with a contemporary 'Bevelled' design or a more traditional ‘Craft’ design.

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