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Fitted Kitchens

Burbidge Fitted Kitchens Doors

at Gordon Busbridge

As with Gordon Busbridge, Burbidge Fitted Kitchens is a family owned and run company. Established by Henry Burbidge as a woodworking company in 1867, they have evolved over the decades to become a recognised producer of quality fitted kitchens and kitchen doors that draw on their rich woodworking heritage and high level of craftsmanship.

Within the following sections you will find images of just a few examples of their wonderful range of kitchen door styles, available finishes and quality accessories that demonstrate why we at Gordon Busbridge are proud to promote and supply Burbidge’s quality products.

For an even fuller insight into what we here at Gordon Busbridge and Burbidge have to offer, why not pay us a visit today and talk to our experienced and knowledgeable, dedicated fitted kitchen sales team. 


A collection of beautiful, timeless kitchen door designs, built around classic kitchen styles that don't compromise on craftsmanship or quality of materials.

A collection of stunning kitchen doors incorporating an enticing mix of British and European design influences specially created for those customers looking to create an on-trend contemporary open and broken zone living look.

A fantastic collection of affordable, well-designed, contemporary yet timeless painted kitchen doors that are suitable for a wide range of kitchen sizes and layouts.

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