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Bosch Fridges & Freezers

Bosch fridge-freezers not only make everyday life tastier, they also make it easier: Clear shelving, spacious boxes and ingenious dividers mean that you always know just what food you have in store. In addition, the trays and shelves glide gently towards you on telescopic rails, which makes inserting and removing food child's play. And thanks to their perfect lighting, you always have a clear view of all your food.

With a freestanding fridge-freezers with freezer at the bottom, the cooling section is straight in front of you, at eye level so you can also remove chilled food without bending down, and with the lower part containing a spacious but less accessed freezer section, all your produce is not only close to hand but perfectly maintained.

Bosch built-in fridge-freezers come with all the comfort and necessities of a modern cooling solution: they fit seamlessly into every kitchen design and offer you the same maximum comfort. You can remove chilled food without bending down, with the lower part again containing a spacious freezer section.

Being experts in this field, Bosch fully understand that different foods need different storage conditions: Fish, meat and dairy products are best stored in dry conditions with a low humidity level. Fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, need a high humidity level to stop them drying out. That why the innovative stay-fresh systems in Bosch fridge-freezers provide the best cooling technology for each type of food. So you can be certain that your vegetables will stay fresh for up to three times longer in their VitaFresh box.

If however you don't need a really large freezer, we recommend a Bosch built-in fridge with an integrated freezer section that can be integrated beautifully into the design of your fitted kitchen. You'll have plenty of room for a pizza, with ice cream for dessert, ice cubes for a chilled drink or frozen herbs, and thanks to Bosch’s VitaFresh technology, your fresh fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for up to three times longer and, because the interior space is flexible, you can fit all your foods and containers in and still find everything easily.

Looking for fridges with the latest cooling technology and a fridge that will bring a fresh style for your kitchen, then look no further than on of Bosch’s latest fridges with VitaFresh technology.

Thinking of cool foods? Then imagine delicious salads, fresh fruit and cold drinks. Because Bosch have already given plenty of thought to energy-efficient technologies, flexible interiors and innovative systems to keep food fresh as well as easy loading and unloading. Their VitaFresh technology will not only keep fruit and vegetables fresh up to three times longer, they will help you cut down on waste, which is not only great for you but also the environment. And by the way, did you know that a fridge without a freezer section uses up to 30% less energy.

Bosch’s latest freestanding fridges have been specially designed to give you even more space to store plenty of fresh food. Whether you're a professional chef or simply enjoy home-made cooking, you'll find they have a model to suit your needs. And because they're freestanding, you can put them where you want – even outside the kitchen.

Whether you’re a one-person household or a large family, Bosch’s range of built-in fridges will look right at home in every kitchen. 30% more efficient than their counterparts with freezer compartments, they're ideal for people who already have a separate freezer, while seeking that clean integrated look.

Finally, Bosch know that shopping is tough enough, so have ensured that putting things into their fridges is really easy. With a carefully thought through and designed Bosch, it's easy to keep the fridge tidy. You can see where all your food is, and thanks to the fully extending telescopic rails, it's easy to add and remove food. With the pull-out glass shelves and dividing shelf areas, you can see and reach everything any time. The bottle holder allows cans and bottles to be stored safely and creates extra space in the fridge door. So getting a drink from the fridge after work is almost as relaxing as drinking it.

One of Bosch’s key strengths is that it develops technology that makes life easier, so by selecting a Bosch NoFrost freezer and you will never have to defrost again.

Thanks to NoFrost, you'll never need to defrost the freezer again. Bosch’s ingenious NoFrost air circulating system takes the humidity in the air out of the freezer, thus preventing the formation of a layer of ice that clearly reduces the energy efficiency of traditional upright freezers. Thanks to this innovative technology, you save precious time and, in the long term, electricity too. The entire energy saving potential of the appliance is thus used to the full and tiresome defrosting becomes a thing of the past.

Bosch’s fantastic range of freestanding upright freezers offers the right freezer for every size of household. Whether you store a little or a lot – Bosch have the right freezer for every household and capacities to suit every need, and with one of Bosch’s technology packed freestanding solutions, you even get to choose where to place them in your home.

Bosch also offer a fantastic selection of technology packed, built-in upright freezers that integrate smoothly into your chosen kitchen design.

As your life keeps on changing so might do your cooking preferences, when it comes to fresh or frozen options. With one of Bosch’s built-in upright freezers, you can add lots of extra space for frozen food to your kitchen and thanks to their variety, we are sure one of excellent Bosch’s models is just right for you.

Bosch American-style fridge-freezers, are perfect for gourmets who need a little more space. Bosch’s American-style fridge-freezers consist of a fridge and a freezer and are real highlights in any home. Here, clear design is combined with plenty of space for cooling and freezing and all sorts of innovations aimed specifically at keeping your food fresh.

Bosch’s American-style fridge-freezers offer everything you could ever want, combining plenty of space for fresh foods with high-quality design. Side by side, the fridge and freezer offer plenty of functions that not only guarantee that food stays wonderfully fresh. They also provide a clear overview and enough space for everything in store. And if you are like us and like inviting lots of hungry friends and relatives round to eat, why not go for one of Bosch’s extra-large fridges.

A Bosch American-style fridge-freezer compactly combines a fridge and an upright freezer in one appliance. It offers not only great size and convenience, but also a wealth of extra features. The built-in ice and water dispenser, for example, gives you ice cubes and delicious chilled water at any time night or day at the push of a button. And because Bosch’s American-style fridge-freezer comes with NoFrost, you'll never need to defrost it. When it comes to convenience, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Bosch’s American-style fridge-freezers not only protect your food, but also your bank balance and the environment, too. If the SuperCooling function is activated, fresh foods are chilled more quickly in the fridge. Food already in storage does not warm up, since the temperature can be reduced to as little as 2°C just by pressing a button. In the freezer, the SuperFreezing function protects the food in the freezer from starting to thaw when you add new food. The newly added food is also frozen faster at -32 degrees, which protects the nutrients and retains the consistency of the food. Once the necessary temperature has been reached, both functions automatically switch back to their normal operation, which reduces energy costs and protects the environment.

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