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Bosch Cooking & Baking

However your kitchen is designed, whatever you are cooking, there’s a Bosch oven for you. With simple to use, powerful functions like PerfectBake and PerfectRoast that ensure brilliant results every time, you can be a kitchen whizz with ease.

You’ll find a range of sizes and styles of Bosch ovens ready to fit any kitchen, and they’re simple to install so you can be cooking in next to no time. And with Bosch’s quality German engineering pedigree, you can be sure your oven won’t let you down.

All Bosch built-in ovens can be installed independently of the hob, e.g. in a wall cupboard at eye level, saving you from the chance of straining your back when you’re putting the roast in the oven or checking to see whether your cake is ready. While for those with small kitchens but big cooking ideas, Bosch offer a fantastic range of compact ovens that maybe only 45cm high but are big on features and results.

How will you cook today? Bosch hobs are versatile and responsive, letting you serve up dish after delicious dish. From gas, electric and induction hobs, Bosch lets you cook in your favourite way. For the best of both worlds why go for a mix and match set of Domino hobs for even more versatility and get the benefits of both gas and induction, for example. Bosch even offers hobs with built-in ventilation so any steam and cooking smells can be extracted right at the source.

While Bosch’s induction hobs can’t perform miracles they do perform faster than conventional hobs, bringing 2 litres of water to the boil twice as quickly as a ceramic hob, leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

For many top chefs, gas hobs are still their preferred choice, and you can join them with a sophisticated Bosch gas hob that is not only easy to clean and absolutely safe to use, but also allows you to enjoy the benefits of perfect and instant heat control.

Offering the pleasures of classic modern cooking, Bosch’s extensive collection of electric hobs with their wide range of features, would deliver versatility, style and elegance to any kitchen, while remaining easy to control by way of their touch control panels and simple to keep clean by way of their in-built and out of the way heating elements.

When you need to serve great food fast, a Bosch microwave is the first place you should turn. Versatile and speedy, you can cook, thaw, reheat and so much more with a Bosch Microwave. For even more amazing results, why not take a look at the Bosch compact microwave ovens. They not only give you all the benefits of cooking in a regular oven, but with the added bonus of the speed of a microwave. Which means that one thing is certain: you don't have to sacrifice superb cooking results even if you happen to be in a bit of a hurry sometimes.


Especially design for those looking for an oven that truly multitask, Bosch’s range of compact ovens with integrated microwave has it all. These multi-talented appliances allow you to combine classic heating methods with the practical functions of a microwave. For example, you can thaw out something frozen first and then bake or roast it immediately, saving you time and effort time after time.

The clever people at Bosch also think that cooking should be a pleasure, not a chore. They know that working at the wrong height, for example, can really spoil one's love of cooking. Their solution! A fantastic range of built-in microwaves that can easily be installed in a tall cupboard or wall unit at eye level. That way, you can always keep an eye on your breakfast croissants and hardly need to lift a finger, let alone bend down.

Finally for those seeking unlimited cooking pleasure that is not tied to a fixed or prechosen location, Bosch offer a fantastic selection of quality, feature packed, free-standing microwaves. In addition to offering you fast food preparation at the press of a button, this classic type of microwave means you can put it anywhere you like, while still offers great cooking options and results.

Whether you're frying, baking or roasting, you can relax and leave any steam and cooking smells to Bosch. Their wide range of cooker hoods are both powerful and efficient, but also ever so quiet. As well as offering hoods in a range of designs and widths, they also offers a choice of location based options, so there’s always one to match kitchens of all sizes and styles.

For those looking for a state-of-the-art and the latest in cool design as well as fantastic performance, there is Bosch’s exciting and eye-catching range of worktop ventilation systems. First-up is their DownDraft hood which is concealed neatly inside your worktop, next to your existing hob. Not only does it rises up smoothly when needed it also includes powerful LED lights to illuminate your cooking.Then there’s Bosch’s wonderfully slick Venting Hobs where the extraction hood is built into an induction hob, providing highly effective removal of steam and odours. This option gives you ultimate freedom to cook how you please, with full control of the hob and hood at your fingertips. Because you don’t need to install an additional hood on your wall or ceiling, both these wonderfully stylish options will allow you to experience a whole new level of freedom and flexibility in planning your kitchen, and make the perfect choice for maintaining clear sightlines when your hob is to be placed on an island unit, for example.



With powerful performance, restrained design, Bosch’s range of wall-mounted are generally mounted on the wall between the wall units, above your chosen hob. Specially designed for both the job in hand and this location, this type of cooker hood fits beautifully into the line of your kitchen units whilst providing effective ventilation that you'll barely see – but as with all Bosch hoods you'll notice the amazing effect.

And for those whose fitted kitchen includes an island with built-in hob, Bosch offer an equally impressive range of island cooker hoods. These modern masterpieces have been specially developed for use over your kitchen island and are freely suspended from the ceiling above it. While thanks to the wide choice of classic designs and different sizes, Bosch’s island cooker hoods offer the ideal solution for every kitchen and every requirement.

Offering an almost invisible solution to kitchen extraction, Bosch’s range of telescopic cooker hoods offer an altogether solution. Installed into a wall unit and almost out of sight, they offer great performance and ease of use. To operate them, simply pull out the flat section, enlarging the extraction surface and away you go. As with many cooker hoods of this type, the flat front can even be matched to your kitchen units, so that the cooker hood will be almost invisible in your kitchen.

If being out of sight until required is a key factor in selecting the right design of cooker hood for your kitchen layout, then look no further than one of Bosch’s integrated cooker hoods; you only see them when you want to. Simply pulled forward at an angle for use and therefore only visible during use, this type of cooker hood can be integrated seamlessly into your kitchen units.

While less common in today’s fitted kitchens, Bosch comprehensive range of cooker hoods also includes; built-under, canopy and ceiling models.

Offering great performance in a tiny space, Bosch’s built-under extractors are housed underneath the kitchen unit and can thus always be seen.

Presenting a host of installation options canopy cooker hoods are integrated completely into a kitchen unit or chimney made of wood or metal, thus offering maximum design freedom to you kitchen.

Installed directly into a load-bearing kitchen ceiling, Bosch’s ceiling cooker hoods provide for lots of headroom and clean air all round and can provide excellent lighting for your hob.

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