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Fitted Kitchens

Panorama 3 Panel Elegance

As implied in their name, the Hepplewhite Panorama 3 Panel option see each door divided into three customisable panels, which not only adds an elegance look but also and gives you a lot more options.

Combine rich veneers with smoked mirrors, decadent vinyls with glass – the choices are endless and the results dramatic. So why not create the perfect look as well layout for your bedroom.

Furthermore all Hepplewhite sliding doors incorporate a quality soft close action as standard that cushions closure and eliminates slamming ensuring their beauty is more than skin deep.


Would you like more information on our fantastic range of Hepplewhite Fitted Bedrooms and how we can help you to realise your dream Bedroom?

Why not contact us today on Tel: 01424 420368 or our contact form to request a brochure or to make a no obligation appointment with our designer to discuss your plans and dreams.

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