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Lindley Fitted Bedroom

Simple, uncluttered, and timeless are all words that can be used to describe Lindley, whose modern looks are softened by the addition of subtle yet stylish vertical profiles on the drawers and doors. Furthermore edge to edge, full width mirrors with unassuming and unobtrusive tab handles maximise the use of natural light.


Available in eleven fantastic colours, the Lindley can be tailored to suit any home, with multifunctional rooms presenting no problems by way of its clever and flexible design.


Would you like more information on our fantastic range of Hepplewhite Fitted Bedrooms and how we can help you to realise your dream Bedroom?

Why not contact us today on Tel: 01424 420368 or our contact form to request a brochure or to make a no obligation appointment with our designer to discuss your plans and dreams.

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