Sleepeezee Sensoria Sunset 1400 Super King Size Divan Bed

Sleepeezee Sensoria Sunset 1400 Super King Size Divan Bed

The innovative design of Sleepeezee’s SENSORIA modern collection provides the perfect non-turn sleep platform for optimal comfort and support. This innovative collection benefits from Sensima™ a responsive support layer that sits under the natural mattress fillings, specially designed to work in partnership with Sleepeezee pocketed springs, it adapts to your individual movements throughout the night, helping to prevent both muscle and joint pains resulting in a relaxing and restful sleep.


Being part of Sleepeezee’s SENSORIA collection the Sensoria Sunset 1400’s easy care non-turn mattress offers an exceptional specification, including 1400 high performance pocketed springs (in the 150cm King-size), layers of sumptuous natural fillings, including wool and cashmere, together with an additional support layer of Sensima™ plus Tencel™ for moisture management for regulation of body temperature, to create a bed that marries the very best modern materials and styling with uncompromising comfort and support.


The Sensoria Sunset 1400 mattress sits on a traditional platform top deep divan base, which in-turn is customisable by way of a range of practical storage options and a choice of base fabrics.

  • W: 180cm

    D: 200cm


    Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.