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Fitted Kitchens

Neff Dishwashers

As Neff like to put it their dishwashers have be designed with Cookaholics in mind.


In simple terms that means that even the most bubbled-over oven dishes, baked-on ramekins and caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean with a Neff dishwasher.


The Neff range of dishwashers is available in two sizes, 45 and 60 cm, to suit individual requirements and the size of your kitchen.


In addition Neff offers two height sizes of 81.5cm and 86.5cm, while Neff dishwashers with VarioHinge, offer the perfect solution for installations with limited clearance between the bottom of the door and the plinth. VarioHinge allows the kitchen frontal to slide up the dishwasher door slightly as it lowers, clearing the plinth to give you a flush and sleek kitchen design.

Why not find out today how the combination of Gordon Busbridge and our top home appliances can fit seamlessly into your life and bring a whole new meaning to the heart of your home – we look forward to seeing you soon.  

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