Stressless Arion A10

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From its individually reclining seats, sumptuous soft seating to its pleasing to the eye and beautifully crafted show-wood frame the Ekornes Stressless Windsor is designed with your wellbeing in mind.

Available in either a stylish low-back or supportive high-back version, the Stressless Windsor collection includes a 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and Chair. All items in the Windsor collection feature the patented Stressless Glide system which automatically adjusts to your body weight, whilst on high back models the Plus system (see below) provides the correct support for your head and lower back. As you recline, the headrest adjusts to support your neck for reading and watching TV, whilst one simple movement lays flat the headrest letting you just relax, sit back and experience optimal comfort, whether making important decisions or just chilling out.

Available in a wide choice of stunning leathers, the Stressless Windsor can seamlessly match to the fantastic Stressless Mayfair swivel recliner chair. Offering a choice of three sizes, Classic base or Signature base with BalanceAdapt (details below) and a selection of beautiful wood finishes, the Mayfair recliner chair makes the perfect addition to your Legend sofa and chair combination.

Range Functions

Plus System .png

Plus System

The distinctive Stressless Plus™ system – a functional skeleton of springs – interprets your body’s movements as you change positions to provide increased lumbar reinforcement.


Lie back into your seat and feel as your spine slides down the seat but continues to be completely supported. You will also sense the unique headrest feature continue to lift your head to provide the most optimal body curvature for relaxation, while a simple adjustment releases the headrest to a comfortable, flat position ideal for napping.


Why not experience the Plus system now, to see how you can maintain the optimal tilt of the neck to make the most of reading, conversing or sleeping – naturally and effortlessly.

Glide System.png

Glide System

Unrestricted movement is the key to true comfort and the Stressless® Glide system reads your body’s weight and shape to adjust making reclining natural and adaptive – not conforming to any preset recline positions like most recliners.


Why not experience how a simple push of your foot will send you back into your perfect recline position and enjoy true comfort, support and relaxation.

Power System.png

Power System

Unrestricted movement is the key to true comfort and the Stressless® Powered Glide system allows you to effortlessly select your personal preferred position.


Why not experience how a simple push of a button will let you obtain your personally selected recline position and allow you to enjoy true comfort, support and relaxation.

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